My Name is Nobody (Italian: Il mio nome è Nessuno, also known as Lonesome Gun) is a 1973 Spaghetti Western comedy film. The film was directed by Tonino Valerii and, in some scenes, by Sergio Leone.[1] It was written by Leone, Fulvio Morsella and Ernesto Gastaldi. Leone was also the uncredited executive producer. The cast includes Terence Hill, Henry Fonda, and Jean Martin.

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Terence Hill is a legendary Italian actor (born as Mario Girotti), who became famous for playing in Italian western movies (a.k.a spaghetti westerns) together with his friend and partner Bud Spencer. Their most popular titles during the 70’s were: Boot Hill, They Call Me Trinity and the sequel titled Trinity is Still My Name. In 1973 Terence Hill starred in My Name is Nobody alongside American legend Henry Fonda, and stated in various interviews, that this one was his personal favourite.

Terence Hill is an Italian actor (born as Mario Girotti) playing in Italian western movies together with his friend Bud Spenser

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Trailer of great movie My Name Is Nobody (Il Mio Nome E Nessuno, -- with Henry Fonda and Terence Hill -- Screenplay by Sergio Leone and Ernesto Gastal.

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My Name Is Nobody (1973)

Spaghetti-Western star Terence Hill achieved international fame with 1974's My Name Is Nobody. A soldier of fortune, Nobody (Hill) is hired to gun down veteran outlaw Jack Beauregard (Henry Fonda). Before long, Nobody and Beauregard are bosom companions. When Beauregard announces his retirement, Nobody insists that the old man go out in one last, glorious shooting spree and tries to arrange for this to happen.

Watch "My Name Is Nobody," a film about an aging legendary gunslinger named Jack Beauregard that wants to retire in peace to Europe, and get away from young gunmen constantly trying to test themselves against the master.

Terrance Hill.  Bluest Eyes EVER!Movies "They Call Me Trinity", "My Name is Still Trinity", and "My Name is Nobody".  Mr. McDreamy from the 70's!  :)

Terence Hill is an Italian actor. Hill is of Italian and German descent who began as a child actor and went on to multiple starring roles in action and other Italian films, many with longtime film partner and friend Bud Spencer.

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My Name Is Nobody - Nobody Wins Drinking Contest Playing the Fool

My Name Is Nobody, great movie...

My Name is Nobody - (title: My Fault?)- composed by Ennio Morricone

Il mio nome é Nessuno

Il mio nome è Nessuno / My Name is Nobody / Mein Name ist Nobody

My Name is Nobody - A great western comedy! THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! Maybe that's saying a little much but... Yeah...

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Terence Hill - My Name Is Nobody ( Full Movie English ) 1973

Terence Hill is an Italian actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. Hill started his career as a child actor and went on to multiple starring ro.

My name is Nobody

My name is Nobody. I love Terrence Hill