My Godmother and the love of her life. My Mother's best friend since she was 13... She died of Breast Cancer two years ago. I talk to him all the time. Love this.... I was seven. Hence my middle name, Anne.

I would have never expect that the shy girl next to me was actually my future best friend :)

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Please love you mums. I've lost mine and it hurts like hell. I wish I could go back and tell her how much I love her. Always tell your mum that you love her.

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Thank you lord for the angel for which you have given me. I promise to protect hold love and treat like the queen and angel she is. I love you my best friend soulmate and love of my life beautiful sunshine. �

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Nothing more than a great 'like liking'..just a brother/sister relationship...thats what people need to get into their heads...

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