My Girl -- This might have been the first movie I cried during.
Female WWII Pilots Barred Arlington National Cemetery
Dating in DC. Pretty funny. Especially #7 and #8 - they are spot on.
Si era dimenticato di quella volta che volevo fare la prestigiatrice. Ero bravissima, solo che ero io a sparire. /My Girl/
Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? | "Out of site but babe you are never off of my mind."
Top 32 Famous Love Quotes for Valentine Day #love quotes #Valentine Quotes
Ok, here's I want to say. Maybe I'm just a stupid girl you met one day in your life who truly adore you. I'm just a lady who dream someday a gentleman will going to put a ring on her finger. It's ridicilous thing along with her fat body & grinned smile. Her friend told you to stay away from me just because I'm broken person who likes to cut someone's feeling. You thought I don't love you & try to hurt you. Well.. you never know how you 'cut' my heart recently. Please remember, you're always…
Here's To The Girls
truth. A family of my own was my dream, but I have others worth pursuing too
Excuse me while i retreat from the news-infested TV and into my little nook of fantasy