(The Temptations - My Girl) this song takes me back to our early dating years :') love it.

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father daughter dance - my girl - the temptations <3

20 Of The Best Father / Daughter Dance Songs Ever

"My Girl" by the Temptations. A happy song about love that makes a welcome addition to any Motown dance set! Kelly's dance with her father at her wedding.

So I literally haven't been on here in like forever, IM SO SORRY! I blame school.... ♥

Oh my god there is a marching band on One Direction's Steal My Girl music video! I'm so happy and I'm freaking out. The Jonas Brothers did the same thing they had a marching band in their Pom Poms music video.

This video is an example of a song that will be played for the show alongside original music. This video exemplifies the visual and auditory aesthetic Adventure Time uses which is very psychedelic and colorful. This song brings a very upbeat and dizzying melody that fits the particular scene in the episode in which the Candy Slumber party is shown for the first time.

A video for 'My Girls' from Animal Collective's new album Merriweather Post Pavilion. Produced by: Knowmore Productions Animated by: Jon V.

Steal my girl - One Direction Actually 15-Somedays I still can't believe after 8 years of us just being the best of friends that you finally realized I was the one. Of course, it only took me 5 secs after seeing you smile for me to know you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with..

Steal my girl - One Direction Actually 16 is gone so may be any of one if Wana sing for me can say. she's been my queen since we were 18