Beautiful storage. From: My French Country Home Blog via Sharon's book: "My Stylish French Girlfriends"

I don't ususally go for cabinets with glass doors but this is magnificent! My Stylish French Girlfriends go live! - and a new video - MY FRENCH COUNTRY HOME

beautiful French paintings in the entrance hall ~ via My French Country Home

I love to collect small paintings, framed or unframed I don't mind that much. A casual display of mismatched pictures on canvas, board.

cufrtain blowing in the wind in chateau bathroom

For the flowing white curtains ~ My French Country Home, French Living - Sharon SANTONI

Announcing the pre-sales for my new book My French Country Home - Entertaining Through the Seasons, an insight into French country living through the year

We love to entertain all year round, but the summer is the best , when we can dine outside and enjoy fresh flowers from the garden at the table