Definitely making one of these for my new room!! --16 Easy DIY Dorm Room Decor Ideas | Her Campus
This was on my campus' snap story this morning. #Imgur
Chalkboard with 'Before I die...' and chalk for students to write in their thoughts
What's in my Bag? College edition. Lists some essentials to keep handy while on campus!
introverted-reader: My campus makes me want to study and do homework
Homemade 2-Ingredient Fruit Rollupss fruit, one cup sugar (I will us Stevia)
*I saw you chase a bird down to make it a pet, and I'm the only one that bothered to help with the scratches. *We are both the only people that understand what is happening in this class and keep making snide comments to each other. *I saw you with a dog on campus and ran to pet it. *^The dog is now mine/I demand visitation rights. *I'm hiding under your study desk because I don't want to talk to mu professor that just walked by.
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A College Girl’s Guide to Grocery Shopping on a budget! For every college student that's moving off campus or living in the dorms, grocery shopping can be a pain; but try out some of my tips to make it a lot more fun and to pretend like you have just a little bit of your life together!
In college I decided to lead a Bible study. But when three girls showed up at my dorm room I froze: what do I do now? That study only met twice and it turned into a social hour. Thankfully, a friend of mine took over and the study went wonderfully, but it left me feeling like I had failed  Several years later, I was asked to lead a small group Bible study for college girls at the campus near our house. I wondered if I would fail again. Fortunately, I had some simple training that took the…
We would advertise our product on a college campus billboard.
23 Dorm Room Meals You Can Make In A Microwave
My first RA bulletin board! Goes along with my Finding Nemo door decs. It has a map of the campus with descriptions of a few important places. Our boards have to be interactive so the jellyfish is holding more maps that the residents can take.
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