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Finally a day flat out on the comfy couch with barely a care. Here's to the merriest Christmas you can all muster! Happy Hannukah! Happy day of nothingness! Whatever it means to you...Big love from my couch to yours. xoxo

Twitter's new settings look to weed out trolls from your notifications -> Twitter is bringing two features to all users to help them better control their notifications ones that seem aimed at curbing trolling and abuse on the platform. The first is a setting that will only show you notifications from accounts you follow meaning @'s from random people around the Twittersphere won't appear in your alerts. That's helpful for preventing spam and harassing…

18 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In North Carolina

Fixin’ | 18 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In North Carolina..or fittin..What it means everywhere else: No one says this outside of North Carolina. What it means in North Carolina: You’re thinking about doing something, but you have to muster up the strength to actually do it. Also refers to making food.

Pumpkin Quesadillas We eat quesadillas for dinner a lot: I mean A LOT! After a long day of work, it seems that cheesy goodness between two warm tortillas is all I can muster. Of course it helps that you can also add in all kinds of ingredients to a quesadilla such as that leftover steak, or what about the egg and sausage scramble the kids didn’t finish off for breakfast over the weekend? I’ll admit, I never thought about using pumpkin, until now that is! And I can’t wait to try it!

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O Lord, on this night of Jumu'ah: place for us a share from Your mercy and forgiveness (Attempt translation so to the nearest meaning I could muster...)

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Be safe ,all Black men tell your family you Love them everyday, they want us dead,they are not the majority any more, so the code is make America great again, meaning let's go back in time some 3-400 years yes that's what them color folks want,Black we are not the color folks, my skin is not pink,and when I get mad it ain't red ,my color of skin stays the same weather I'm mad or sad,BLACK!

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Food nerds and math nerds unite: It's pi(e) day! Which means we'll be rolling out dough while rattling off as many digits behind 3.14 as we can muster.

Release Blitz Xavier by Brit Lauren @Authorlplovell Now LIVE! Xavier - Book 3 in The Recherché Series by Brit Lauren Blurb Im selling your fantasy. Are you buying? Life has a way of throwing you a curveball when you least expect it. My curveball tore away everything I loved and left me with nothing. Now Im a male escort. I make good money really good money and Im living the life most guys would probably sell a limb for but Im not happy. I havent been since she left me six years ago…

10 DIY Space Saving Projects To Make This Weekend

Being space-savvy in small apartments and homes means working in as much storage as possible. The trick is to fill all awkward and/or available spaces with as many low-profile shelves, hanging baskets, and secret compartments as you can muster. Here are 10 DIY projects that keep square footage in mind, but don’t sacrifice design. While the Torah Bible Samhitas Kabir Dadu etc. were written over hundreds of years by dozens of people in dead and/or ancient languages and there is much debate over interpretation meaning and origin the Quran is written down by one man over 23 years in a language still widely used today. The Quran is very specific what every Moslem must do to be a Moslem. Its especially specific about dealing with Infidels they MUST be Converted Taxed or Killed for sake of Allah…