List of children's books for elementary music
This upcylcled and naturally sourced DIY rainstick musical sensory bottle will help children learn self-regulation skills. This rainstick calm down bottle is a musical instrument that is fun to watch and listen to. It makes the sound of pitter-patting rain when tipped from top to bottom. Discovery bottles are also great for no mess safe sensory play for kids. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can safely investigate small objects without the risk of choking.
Every time someone else is in the room and I feel like listening to music, I'll turn the music down and only have in one earbud so we can have a normal conversation while I can still enjoy my music
A personal favorite from my Etsy shop
15 *INSTRUMENTAL* Songs to Play for your walk down the aisle.  Oh my, these are soooo beautiful!!!!
Violin Sheet Music: You Are My Sunshine arranged for 2 Violins by Heather Figi. My friends Ryan and Jenny had me play this at their wedding when their beautiful daughter walked down the aisle as the flower girl. Happy Music Making! Please visit for more free resources.
Transitions using the smart board. There are different songs for each transition. The students help by touching the star to start the music.  Also has a tutorial on  Cutting Music down to shorter segments with GarageBand. I don't have a smart board... But maybe could use my Wacom slate?
Slim down and firm up with this Bikini Body Complex designed to help you burn mega calories and deliver long-lasting results. Turn on the music, get in the zone, push yourself, and focus on what you want the most!
Next up is the BIG moment! The bride's entrance and the music she will be walking down the aisle to! Now I know most brides out there will choose the traditional wedding march and that is perfectly fine. These songs are for those that want just a little something different. Like me! Again, I...
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