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Pot-Roasted Pork Loin with Marsala and Mushrooms. Enchaud Perigordine is a fancy name for what’s actually a relatively simple French dish: slow-cooked pork loin. But to make this dish accessible for American home cooks, we needed to make a few adjustments. We eliminated the hard-to-find trotter (or pig’s foot) and added butter and a little gelatin instead to lend body to the sauce.

2 | Panaeolus sphinctrinus. | FAMILY: Coprinaceae GENUS: Panaeolus SPECIES: Sphinctrinus COMMON NAMES: Ink Caps, Hoop-Petticoat, Petticoat Mottlegill, Warai-take (Japanese, ‘laughing mushroom’), Hsiao Ch’un (Chinese, ‘laughing mushroom’) Panaeolus sphinctrinus features a cap of 1-5 cm across that is conical or bell shaped. It is dark grey to nearly black when moist, and pale grey with a dark ochre center when dry. The stem is 60-120 mm x 2-3 mm and is gray, growing…

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Rosemary Garlic Rib Eye Roast

Rib eye roast with mushrooms


Mushroom - paddestoelen


HEN OF THE WOODS (also known as MAITAKE, RAMSHEAD or SHEEPSHEAD MUSHROOM) Scientific name: Grifola frondosa

Green elfcup -- I love the name!

3 | Gymnopilus. | This impressive mushroom is found growing in dense clusters on stumps and logs of both hardwoods and conifers--and a number of associated species names are found growing in a dense cluster, as well. These species (if they are truly distinct), are all fairly large mushrooms that have orange to orangish brown spore prints, bitter taste, and stems that feature rings or ring zones. The central species name is Gymnopilus junonius, which is the correct…

Moon Night Mushroom (Tsukiyotake) - Omphalotus japonicus A spectacular photo of the bioluminescent fruiting bodies of the mushrooms scientifically named Omphalotus japonicus (Marasmiaceae), glowing in...


Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor Pilát) | "Mushroomers in the know use the tough caps as a pleasant mushroom-flavored chewing gum while walking in the woods. They also boil them to make a healthful tea or broth for soup."


mycobratpack: Naming issues with the Russian Leather Waxcap: Okay, so, illustrated above is a mushroom that is common EVERY YEAR in our redwood forests throughout CA, and with other trees farther north. It is called Camarophyllus russocoriaceus by almost everyone, and that name is good in the sense that everyone understands what you’re talking about: a small, waxy-cap like fungus, white overall sometimes with pink or yellow tones, and a strong odor of cedar. However, that name originally…