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KIBLAT.NET - Di dalam buku hariannya Sultan Murad IV mengisahkan, bahwa suatu malam dia merasakan keresahan yang sangat dalam, ia ingin tahu apa penyebabnya. Maka ia memanggil kepala pengawalnya dan memberitahu apa yang dirasakannya.

Map of the Safavid state. The area of Mesopotamia, permanently lost to the Ottomans in 1639 is shaded.-Murad IV's reign is most notable for the Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–39) against Persia in which Ottoman forces managed to conquer Azerbaijan, occupyying Tabriz, Hamadan, and capturing Baghdad in 1638. Murad IV himself commanded the invasion of Mesopotamia and proved to be an outstanding field commander.

During his childhood sultan Murad IV received a good education and learned about state affairs while growing up (1623-1632), and then he struggled for strengthening the state and expanding the territories especially between 1632 until his death in 1640. When he took the control of the state at the age of 21, he took some extreme precautions in order to eliminate the corruption within the Empire, banned the use of alcohol and tobacco, implemented severe measures for the regular collection of…

Murad IV also banned alcohol, tobacco, and coffee in Constantinople. He ordered execution for breaking this ban. He would reportedly patrol the streets and taverns of Constantinople in civilian clothes at night, policing the enforcement of his command by summarily killing civilians for breaking this decree. He restored the judicial regulations by very strict punishments, including execution. He was a habitual drinker himself


KÖSEM SULTAN AND HER SON, THE FUTURE SULTAN MURAD IV -Murad IV came to power in 1623 after his uncle Mustafa I had been assassinated. during the early years of his reign, Murad was totaly controlled by his mother, Sultana Kosem, who effectively ruled through him. She was so possessive of her son that she would not let him sleep with girls and encouraged him to sleep with boys.

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Murad IV Ghazi

Murad IV Ghazi  (July 26/27, 1612 – February 9, 1640) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1623 to 1640, known both for restoring the authority of the state and for the brutality of his methods. Murad IV was born in Constantinople, the son of Sultan Ahmed I (1603–17) and the ethnic GreekValide Sultan Kadinefendi Kösem Sultan (also known as Mahpeyker), originally named Anastasia. Brought to power by a palace conspiracy in 1623, he succeeded his uncle Mustafa I (1617–18, 1622–23). He was…


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