Mumkin - Clean out pumpkin - 4 or 6 in opening, let dry, spray with bleach to prevent mold insert mum. Keep mum in pot - take out of pumpkin when watering to keep pumpkin in good shape longer. from Circa Dee

and set pot in pumpkin! simple unique porch or table decor! Clean out pumpkin, spray with a little bleach inside to keep mold away, and set pot in pumpkin! simple unique porch or table decor!

fall window box arrangements | Here are some mum’s potted in pumpkins via Simply Suzanne’s

Decorating With Mums

Put fall flowers in hollowed-out pumpkins for easy outdoor decor. See more outdoor decorating ideas: I love fall!

Fall porch decorations and fall decor ideas by Jennifer Allwood of the MagicBrushinc. Highlight your front porch for fall using painted fall pallets, fall signs, pumpkins, mums and more! Use this as inspiration for your own fall decor.

Fall Porch Decorations

Pumpkins and mums.

The Charm of Home

Thanksgiving Decoration: Neat, potted Mums in pumpkins @bitch Who Knits  this would be fun for Halloween time :)

Over 1732 people liked this! Fall Decorating: Make faux pumpkin flower pots in various sizes, fill with colorful pumps and line the sides of the steps to your porch. Fill in extra gaps and stack shorter pumpkins with little gourds.

Just need an awl to poke holes in pumpkin and add mums. Less messy than jack-o-lantern and pretty enough for Thanksgiving table too

A "Mumpkin". A Mum covered Pumpkin. I like the idea of using a fake pumpkin and fake mums so that is lasts longer but there is something to be said about the real deal.