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It's official: The album is called Divide! ➗ AHHHHHH!!!❤❤❤❤

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LET'S DO IT! (how would I go a whole day without being online wtf)

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mrs. lester needs a fan account

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I'm so glad they were there Louie really needed them after his mom died

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27 Pictures That Only Former Emo Kids Will Find Funny

When you had to hide your band’s album art from your mum:

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“hey juli why the hell do they scream wtf are they even saying?” well i dunno maybe IF YOU PAYED ATTENTION TO THE DAMN LYRICS YOU WOULD HEAR THE MEANING

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My mom get so distressed when she walks in. Too much anime, disney, band stuff at the same time for her I guess

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One of the best feelings is when you say "Oh wow, I forgot how good this band is!"

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I'm so glad my parents aren't like this. My dad always go to warped tour and Shi had my mom. I feel lucky

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