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Using Multiple Exposures to Create Abstract Photographs

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➰ Free from clutching at themselves, the hands can handle; free from looking after themselves, the eyes can see; free from trying to understand itself, thought can think. In such feeling, seeing, and thinking life requires no future to complete itself nor explanation to justify itself ~Alan Watts

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Great use of multiple exposures and compositing. © Volkova Valeria photography

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Multiple exposure...

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Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

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I love the effect of long exposures on photos. It gives them a messy look that is just really interesting.

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Global Health Secrets - Health Wisdom from Around the World - Dr. Oz

This photo is able to convey the movement of the dancer in a creative way and creates a cool way of mapping out her movement.

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Double exposure photography Fotografía doble exposición Múltiple exposición Multiple exposure

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Need to do this with photoshop sometimes. Very abstract but still constructive. multiple exposure

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Nothing is so apt to challenge our self-awareness and alertness as being at war with oneself. One can hardly think of any other or more effective means of waking humanity out of the irresponsible and innocent half-sleep of the primitive mentality and bringing it to a state of conscious responsibility.-Carl Jung,"Psychological Typology" (1936). In CW 6: Psychological Types. P. 964(Natasha Poly)

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