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Multi Coloured Salopettes

from Martha Stewart

Winter Organizing Tips

When composing a layout, don't be afraid to design around an existing wall feature; our grid is arranged around a sconce. The overall effect is attention-grabbing and a surefire way to brighten a room. Where to Find These precut mats with 8-by-10-inch openings come in 30 colors and cost $19 for eight. Mats,; frames,

Stunning glass bowl my mom made. It's acid-dipped, which creates a much different texture and sheen than most glass pieces that I totally love. That plus the thickness make the overall piece feel solid despite the fragile material.

1600-1620 English Coif with forehead cloth at the Glasgow Museums, Glasgow - From the curators' comments: "It was customary for married women in the seventeenth century to cover their head. Coifs, a form of cap, such as this example, were worn informally at home. The accompanying forehead cloth is a rare survivor. These were often added when women were ill."