Muay Thai Warrior ...this is my mother's heritage. Thai and Scottiah, a DANGEROUS combo

"Muay Thai Warrior" by Muay Thai: Only 100 prints available. Print of an original oil on canvas. Muay Thai Warrior painted in Koh Samui, Thailand.

From my signature line of FEARLESS jewelry! This unisex necklace is a great gift for "Fearless" MMA fighters, or anyone who trains muay thai, boxing, or kickboxing, etc. A silver boxing glove accompanies my hand-stamped silver "fearless" tag. The perfect METAL MOJO to inspire your training sessions or give as a gift to empower a training partner or instructor!

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Fearless Boxing Necklace MMA Jewelry Muay by TheFearlessBeader

Warm Up (10 min) // Six, 2-min rounds with 30-sec rest // Cool Down (10 min)

Punching Bag Workout

Warm Up min) // Six, rounds with rest // Cool Down min) - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!

5 year old shows off her Muay Thai Combos

Daily motivation

she-kicks-she-throws: “ mma-gifs: “ 5 year old shows off her Muay Thai Combos ” Look at that elbow block in the second gif!


Improve your Muay Thai workouts with better training routines and drills. List of Muay Thai exercises to take your fighting to the next level

Good self defence technique against a round house kick.

Muay Thai Gifs — Darren O’Connor demonstrates two defenses against.