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Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis- MS can show itself in many ways, but early detection can help slow its progression.


How to Clear a Stuffy Nose

8 Ways to Clear a Stuffy Nose: Breathe Better


8 Early Symptoms of a Flare Up You Might Not Recognize

We all know the hallmark signs that we are about to experience a flare up of our autoimmune symptoms.  You can't ignore the debilitating fatigue, unusual rashes and fevers, or achy joints and muscl...


What do you want people to know about MS? Posted by Editorial Team—March 21st, 2014 Explaining what it’s like to live with multiple sclerosis can often be difficult…and frustrating. We recently asked our Facebook community what they wanted others to know about MS. With well over 300 comments, here are some of the most common responses:

Diagnose Multiple Sclerosis

How to Diagnose Multiple Sclerosis Edited by Kezzieb, Maniac, Colecrane, MissJaySouza and 1 other Two Parts:Looking for SymptomsCompleting the Diagnosis Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disorder that has no cure at this time. The disease is characterized by numbness or weakness throughout the body, vision problems, lack of balance and fatigue. #msawareness Two Parts:Looking for SymptomsCompleting ...


A letter to teachers from “Every special needs child they will ever teach”. Written by Hazel Green, mother of two autistic spectrum children...