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Qué se note que estamos a tope de energía! Today my batteries are fully charged! #mrwonderfulshop #quotes #energy

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¡Y la tuya es perfecta! Happiness is written with a great big smile. And yours is perfect! #mrwonderfulshop #happiness #smile

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¡Menuda suerte la mía! #mrwonderfulshop #felizjueves Without looking for you, I found you among all the people in the world. I am so lucky!

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Mr. Wonderful

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¿Qué tal van esas sobremesas? The best thing about Christmas is spending it together. How are those long lingering lunches going? #mrwonderfulshop #quotes #christmas

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¡Me encanta cuando sonríes! Your smile eclipses me. I love it when you smile! #mrwonderfulshop #quotes #smile

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Mr Wonderful

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¡Muy buenos días a todos! I sparkle more when I am with you. A very good morning to everyone! #mrwonderfulshop #quotes #christmas

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El mejor de todos eres tú. You are always my best gift. You are the very best of all. Happy Three Kings day! #mrwonderfulshop #quotes #present

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Venga, venga a mover el esqueleto que acabamos de estrenar 2017. It is Monday but I won't let it get me down. Come on, move your bones, 2017 has just started. #mrwonderfulshop #quotes #monday

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