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THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS DARKLY - Mr. Fish - A fan who reminded me the illustration I did almost 4 years ago. It might have greater relevance now. Portrait of Captain America modeled from original drawing by comic illustrator John Amor whose work I dig.

AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER "No matter how many birthdays Ive had I havent hit my peak yet." -Harvey Mackay Wise words here from Mr. Harvey Mackay My age is irrelevant; in fact I subscribe to the iconic comedian Jack Bennys philosophy. He turned 39 in 1933 and remained that age until his death in 1974. Ive been 39 for a few years now and it just keeps getting better. As a constant advocate for lifelong learning I am directing the advice in this column not only to those who have years of job…

Gerald Christian is living proof that life is good when you’re irrelevant. – Sports4U2