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Best Books About Autism

A list of the best books about autism, including social skills books and picture books for children with autism from And Next Comes L


Disney How Inside Out Movie Connects With Autism

A new Disney movie will be coming out soon! Inside Out talks about a girl named Riley and her emotions that we get to literally hear. How does that connect with Autism? Read Disney How Inside Out Movie Connects With Autism for the details! Click through to read more.. A Worthey Read


Free Printable Emotions Sorting Game inspired by Disney-Pixar's Inside Out!! A great way to help kids learn about emotions!


Let's substitute knowing the names of umpteen million dinosaurs, the periods they lived in, what families they belong to, etc. for knowing the moons of Jupiter. He's fine with telling me what he wants for lunch. But initiating and keeping a conversation going? Not so much.


Mockingbird -- touching novel about a young girl with Asperger's grappling with her older brother's death while trying to understand what is "normal" -- National Book Award Winner


Surviving Tracy

Pinner says, "This is a book about a meerkat that has autism spectrum disorder. Although it appears to be a children's book w/ exceptional, colorful pictures & easy to read vocabulary, it doubles as a teaching tool for adults to help them not only understand the autism spectrum better, but give them strategies to help the autistic individual be more successful in his or her environment. This book will undoubtedly touch your heart & at the same time give you an understanding of autism."


Disney How Inside Out Movie Connects With Autism

20+ Inside Out Clips to Help Teach Children About Feelings « The Helpful Counselor


Last night, I viewed the movie, “Trace Amounts: Autism, Mercury, and the Hidden Truth.” This movie should be seen by every parent, medical student and physician in this country. If you are curious about what is in a vaccine and why there are still people out there who do not blindly support mass vaccination, this movie is for you. In fact, if you are worried about the future of our children, this movie is for you.