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movable walls on wheels

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Wall on wheels...I was thinking last night about having a wall divide the open space of my studio. This would work perfectly. I'd like to recess the wheels/casters so they aren't seen.

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Teachwall 100 Operable Movable Wall Products - AEG Partitions manufacturers of Acoustic Movable Walls, Operable Walls and Sliding Folding Partitions

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A movable wall on casters - possible use of my material (cast polyamide which I can produce) for the casters. My contact:

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Create movable walls for studio storage inside...although I'm not sure they would be moveable afterwards!

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Movable Walls: A Solution for Small Homes

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption">Architects at Madrid firm PKMN Architectures advocate using moveable walls for maximum spatial flexibility.</span>

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Flexible Space, or movable walls, are changing the world of design. For those who live in very small spaces, the flexible walls offer an ideal solution for storage as well as optimal space utilization. Now, IKEA has introduced its own version of the "wall" and they did an outstanding job.

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