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A Better Mouse Trap That Catches Multiple Mice without Pesticides or Resetting! (Can be Lethal or Non-Lethal Depending on Preference)


Homemade bulk mouse trap.Horrific but sometimes needed : ( I made this yesterday, & put it in the barn, it has had 13 mice in it!!


A better mouse trap! I haven't tried it and I wouldn't put water in the bottom to drown them. But it looks like it would work.


Making A Self Restting Mouse Trap Do you have a mouse probelm at your home? Not sure if there is more than one and where they are coming from? Well heres yout very own diy self restting mouse trap. This will save time and if you have more than 1 mouse you can keep capturing.…

from Ella Claire

DIY Gallery Wall Art {Tutorial

Create this DIY gallery wall art using mousetraps! Hang vintage botanical prints to add charm and visual interest.