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Mount Everest, Nepal.alas i can never go there .My own fault,30 years of smoking put paid to that.But i can still dream!!

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Beck Weathers, after surviving the elements on Mount Everest. I really don't understand mountain climbers.

This picture helps show the setup of the camps, and it helps knowing this while reading the book, so I can visualize them climbing camp to camp.

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Mount Everest, Himalayas, Nepal. Previous pinner wrote: "Nothing quite like…

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, it feels like you are on top of the world, being completely one with nature. This is why it is an example of transcendentalism because many of them would go, to areas like this, on their journey.

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Trekking Nepal: Mount Everest Base Camp Trek (Not to be confused with actually climbing Mount Everest.

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