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Most Paid Youtubers

Top 10 Youtubers with most subscribed - Highest paid youtubers

25 Most Loved and Successful YouTubers: Superwoman (8.5 Million Subscribers) - Superwoman, whose birth name is Lilly Saini Singh, carries the title of the most famous YouTuber of Indian descent. Since she started in October 2010, her videos have received more than a billion views, and her channel has reached 8.5 million subscribers and counting. Additionally, Lilly is one of the highest paid YouTubers, ranking eighth on Forbes’s list of the World’s Highest Paid YouTube Stars

Johnny Kemp - Just Got Paid - YouTube

Top 5 Richest Youtubers of 2016! (Highest Paid Youtubers in 2016 / Top 5 Richest Youtubers!) - VISIT to view the video

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