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How to Make a Moss Shower Mat

In the spirit of natural living and even being eco-chic, creating your own moss bath mat is a unique craft project. A moss shower mat utilizes live moss to provide cushion and grip for stepping out of the tub or shower. Making your own gives you the opportunity to design your green moss bath mat into any textured design and shape that enhances your...

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Moss Bath Mat kit (Pillow Moss, Sand Tray)- Holiday Gift Idea

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East Urban Home Moss Canopy by Julie Hamilton Bath Mat

DYI moss bath mat--it's watered by the steam in the bathroom and the water that falls off you when you dry yourself.


How to Make a Moss Shower Mat

How to make a live moss bath mat. Moss Bathmat: To create it, get yourself a length of thick polyethylene foam from the hardware store, carve out cups for your mosses to be tucked into, and then place it outside your bathtub or shower enclosure to soak up drips when you step onto it.


Mat made of moss stays alive with the help of bath water

Mat made of moss stays alive with the help of bath water - My Modern Metropolis