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Everybody is looking for the Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil to repel mosquitos but it doesn't seem to be out there except for an outrageous price on Amazon and Ebay. I found this at Walmart. It's their brand and works wonders!! I am a mosquito magnet and not one bite with this. It's still a little oily but not as much as the straight oil. UPDATE!! I also found a product called Angel of Mine Creamy Baby Oil that works too repel mosquitos too at the Dollar Tree! **update** someone told me to…


How To: 9 DIY Home Remedies for Relieving Itchy Mosquito Bites

I have most of this at home! My baby girl has an allergy to mosquito bites. They welt up get so huge. And she doesn't even itch them.


Natural Mosquito, Flea and Tick Repellant: Ingredients: 1/2 liter of alcohol, 100 gram of whole cloves, 100 ml of baby oil or similar (almond, sesame, chamomile, lavender, fennel etc.) Preparation: Leave cloves to marinate in alcohol four days. Stir every morning and evening. After 4 days add the oil It's now ready to use. How to use: Gently rub a few drops into the skin of the arms and legs. Observe the mosquitoes fleeing the room. Repels fleas on pets too..


Johnson's bedtime lotion contains Lavender - lavender is a natural mosquito repellent. My hubby and I tested it tonight and it does work. Reapply as needed. (not endorsed by Johnson and Johnson). Try it and let me know how it works for you. ☺