How to mosaic stair risers using plexiglass

How to mosaic stair risers using plexiglass

Easier to paint, in my opinion, but would be gorgeous with plexiglass. How to mosaic stair risers using plexiglass. This is a truly inspiring DIY project! Also a good method for a kitchen backsplash.

these mosaic stairs are beautiful. love how the pattern flows from step step!

Mosaic detail of some of the 163 steps of the Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

Beautiful tile mosaic step mural.  Brilliant.

Mosaic Moon tiled staircase of Avenue & Moraga Street in San Francisco, California. This is only a part of 163 separate mosaic panels but so beautiful!

You can make mosaics almost from everything, old or new recycled materials, mirrors, buttons, glass or tiles. Plus, you can enhance anything you want, from flooring and facade to chairs and benches. Mosaics are a great way to add more color to your outdoor living space, especially in winter when plants and flowers are not thriving. If you want to make your space more inviting, colorful and charming, I advise you to take a look at the gallery below and get inspired to make something on your…

Use Old Broken Glass, China & Recycled Materials To Make Some Of These Gorgeous Mosaics In Your Garden

Mosaic staires - Sigalit Eshet es bueno saber lo que no te gusta tambien.

love these for outside Barr Crutcher mosaic staircase (via Sucra88, flickr)

A community project in Golden Gate Heights, San Francisco to decorate a 163 step stairway with mosaic tiles.

Tile on stair risers. | DIY Wisdom - Different tile but this is the general idea

Tile on stair risers: did this on a double stair just to see how it would look and it came out amazing. Very simple project with drastic change!

Stained glass adds warmth and neutral colors.

ღღ Stained glass stairs by France Vitrail International Paris

☮ American Hippie Bohéme Boho Lifestyle ☮ Mosaic Stairs

Colorful staircase on the backside of my house. This depicts that in the Robinson house we grow from mistakes ,learn lessons, and grow better.