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Mori fashion


woodland creature. Looks appropriate for a whimsical fairy picnic in the forest.

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【全部選べる福袋特設会場】夏 ワンピース 夏ワンピ 【シャツワンピース】ナチュラル ワンピース 秋冬 シャツワンピース シャツワンピース【aw35】【○】|ワンピース専門店 Favorite

Vestido de camisa de lino natural dot - 19 de enero de medianoche reventa】 【】 Rakuten: vestido de camisa de lino fino algodón polka dot capas que muestra en su interior [mangas largas Mokadotto] fue adhieren a un material adulto lindo * - No hay servicio de mail]: tienda de ropa favorita

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Even though it's April, this "Mori" (a "forest girl" fashion/life style hailing from Japan) outfit is so cute for Autumn I cannot help but repin it. So much coziness!

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FLANNEL OVERALLS/dress.. I would change the bottom. It's cute for someone else, but I'm not into the bubble-thing.. (:

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森ガール ナチュラル シャツワンピ 【カーキ】五線譜のようなレースとふんわりガーゼが奏でるメロディー*ナチュラル可愛く着こなせるゆるかわワンピース|ワンピース専門店 Favorite

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Learn something new every day. This is in the style of a "Mori girl" which in Japanese means "forest" and lots of earth tones and layers and boots are worn. It reminds me of Pride and Prejudice (the Keira version) with the colors. Beautiful.

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