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☽☾MOON TIME ☽☾ My moon time is like clock work ~~~ every full moon i bleed & I love it! My favourite time of the month. I will be writing a blog post this week on sacred elixrs ~ how to use menstrual blood & semen for Tantric Alchemy! ( --- But here is a cool pic of the phases of your cycle & how to flow with the energy ... ❤️

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Moon Times Cycle Charting Journal For women who want to chart their cycle naturally: Includes information on your cycle, your hormonal changes throughout the month, natural methods to chart your fertility and has a 400 page journal to guide you through your cycle

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Using the Moon Phases to Connect with your Inner Moon Goddess

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Menstrual cycle charting beads - with your daughter make beautiful beads to wear, helps show her how her cycle works.

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Sacred Rituals - Have your heard?It's Super Full Moon Time!

Sacred Rituals - Have your heard?It's Super Full Moon Time!

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<3 NOVEMBER BEAVER MOON Time for winter preparation and trapping. Also known as the Frost Moon

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Book of Shadows Moon: "November: Ivy Moon," by Angie Latham. It makes a lovely Moon page for a Book of Shadows.

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