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Moon Sign Chart

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Moon sign meanings. (My moon is in Aquarius. Sun is in Gemini) The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious pre-destination, and the self-image.


For people who are Lunar Scorpios (ie - Scorpio Moon Folks, not sun signs). Don't go thinking this is just about Scorpios, because its not based on Sun signs which is the stuff you read or your daily horoscope. This is a MOON SIGN! Completely different. I'm an Aries, that my birth sign, my MOON Sign is in Scorpio. You can find out about that by getting a birth chart done online for free either on or


What is a moon sign? A person's moon sign is directly affiliated with the inner qualities of a person. Your fears, emotions, intuitions and vulnerabilities are all determined by your moon sign. It basically gives an insight into your feelings, thoughts and things that you feel strongly about, even if you're not aware of such emotions. Your moon sign (in conjunction with your sun sign) gives the best insight into your personal self. #astrology