Is this the reason why I'm such a resilient person when it comes to emotions? I was taught to keep a stiff upper lip and be strong. I read my Natal Birth chart, and I was baffled reading my Moon in Capricorn because it resembled me SO much. It was scary. How the can planet alignment of my birth predict what kind of person I am and amazing.

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Traits of the Moon Signs. It can be speculated these are sometimes more indicative of our personality than our zodiac Sun Sign since it is very indicative of our conscious or subconscious emotional world. These are not the same as zodiac Sun Signs. If you do not know your moon sign, you can calculate it here, but it would be advised to know your time and place of birth along with the date. The moon travels signs every two and a half days, and in some cases it may change one sign on a…

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capricorn moon. #Zodiac #Astrology For related posts, please check out my FB page:

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Currently loathing the Capricorn moon....can't wait for it to move into Aquarius tomorrow night. Ugh

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"I am an INITIATOR but my emotions are rather VIVID. I think in a DIRECT way, but I express my energy in a PROTECTIVE way. In love, I seek COMMITMENT. I take on the rule of the OLD SOUL." Aries Sun. Sagittarius Moon. Aries Mercury. Cancer Mars. Taurus Venus. Capricorn Rising.

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