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Montessori Nuts and Bolts Board: DIY and Lesson Plans

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How To Create Gorgeous Montessori Home From The Start. Montessori Nature Blog. Montessori Materials And Home Set Up

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What makes an activity ‘Montessori’? [Infographic]

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Pre-writing practice. This is a typical Montessori activity - the sand tray - you can also use salt (white or coloured) on the light panel. More

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Weekend DIY Crafts Inspiration

For practice counting and assigning the # to the amount. Do again and again by sweeping up the snowflakes (or whatever is used) and dropping them where they fall. (Although if it's random there might be two of the same number in which case you'd have to have more clothespins.)

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Montessori ~ Practical Life (Free Printable Chore Chart)

Free Printable, Free Age Chore chart, Maria Montessori practical life, 12 months of Montessori learning, Montessori Tasks,

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Fine Motor Work Station or Centre Activity

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Practical Life Work. Easy to make matching work. Trace a variety of caps and lids on to construction paper (laminate for longevity). Then place on a tray with caps/kids in a basket. Demonstrate the work (without words). Then ask the child if they would like to try. ~ Mastering Montessori ❤️

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The Ultimate Montessori Toy List -- Birth to Five

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Number and Letter Sequencing

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15 Activities for Learning Shapes

Brainy Child is a leading Baby Education providing Company based in Melbourne, Australia to help parents to give their child Early Education and Learning More

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Free Montessori Materials Online

Blog post at : How I would have loved these resources during my years teaching in Montessori schools or in my own homeschool! I still find it amazing that [..]

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Fabriqué à la main Montessori vie pratique corde activité Fine pince moteur Grip à la main/oeil Coordination professeur ressources enseignement à domicile

Hand Crafted Montessori vie pratique corde activité Fine pince moteur Grip main/œil Coordination enseignant ressources enseignement à domicile

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Sorting Soft and Hard. great for Lifeskills or younger/bilingual students. can be modified with any adjectives

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2014 Handprint Calendar

Preschool/Kindergarten: Color Match Use empty colored play dough tubs to sort buttons! Then count the buttons in each one. Correct amount is written on the bottom of each cup for self-check!

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