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Eating in Montego Bay, Jamaica - #Jamaica #travel #food #caribbean

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"Straw Market" aka 'Craft Market', Montego Bay Jamaica They make you grazy there it is so hot hot hot and they want to sell you everything and than you come out with some stuff for a lot lot of money onley to go out again becose they pick you up on the street brrrr

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If you’re arriving in port in Montego Bay but want to experience the resort area of Negril, this shore excursion is just what you need.

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The Luminous Lagoon in Jamaica. Done this, probably one of my most favorite excursions. The restaurant there (Glistening Waters) is delicious!

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Montego Bay, Jamaica. One walk on the sand and you'll sell everything you own to stay and be near these waters. Again, has to be a postcard of heaven...

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