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MONSTER MUD A+ • "Most tutorials you will encounter tell you that you want 1 gallon of paint to a 5 gallon bucket of drywall compound.• Truth is, there is no magic formula, just mix some of each and start to play. If you want to be fighting to try to fit 6 gallons of stuff into a 5 gallon bucket, more power to you. • My own recipe is: 1 5 gallon bucket. 1 BOX of drywall compound. 1 gallon latex paint." UnOrthodOx -halloweenforum

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This is creepy using mop string dipped in Monster Mud and draped over a skeleton.

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The frame made with PVC and chicken wire, cover with burlap, spray paint black

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For future reference (and you fellow prop-builders who have not yet discovered the joy...) the "recipe" for Monster Mud.

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the weeper - How many kids would dare to approach my porch with this guy sitting there? lol

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Monster Mud Reaper-img_4043.jpg

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Monster Mud Grim Reaper -- Chicken wire armature w burlap

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3 Ways to Make Halloween Decorations Look Old: Faux Mud, Moss and Metal

Monster Mud Recipe, Faux Moss, and Faux Metal Paint Technique

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I needed something quick and very cheap..the boxes are free...(I send a lot, so I order a lot) I had a styrofoam cooler that I cut up...lots of gorilla glue, then duck monster mud was way to thick so I used a putty knife like stucco (I like the way it cracked) painted it gray...dryer lint and green craft paint for moss and going to seal it with something like drylock to protect it for a year until I have time to make better ones!

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Monster Mud Reaper

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