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Monster Girl Games

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Kahili and Toucannon

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I was trying to do the monster girl challenge a while back and this is what I did for the Dullahan Monster girl. I Love how it came out, I wish I could have finished the challenge but I had also just started working at a mobile gaming company and couldn't keep up. Perhaps I will try again this year.

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My daughter would probably do this. We all play Diablo 3 and one gaming session we come across a menagerist goblin, which of course = pet. My little girl, 6, got Galthrak the Unhinged, who is basically just a a razor sharp teeth lined set of jaws on four legs. Her reaction? "He's so cute" :-D always a moment of pride and joy when she so firmly reminds me she's a gamer.

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The eyes had such a powerful impact within the first book. It sucks they did nothing with it in the movie

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Lillie and nebby. Pokemon Moon

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