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Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1 by Kenkou Cross. Monster Girl Encyclopedia, Volume 1 is the first in a series of highly-detailed, illustrated books that contains one hundred profiles of wickedly lascivious monster girls. Considered by many fans to be the definitive go-to source for sexy monster girls and the worlds they inhabit, Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a must-have purchase for fans of Monster Musume, Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary , and other monster titles. Including 240 pages of...

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Team Yume Plays "Beachside", Part 40: "Make Beachside Great Again!"

Kraken - Giant Squid Attacks Sailing Ship - Vintage Image

Kraken The colossal octopus: a drawing by malacologist Pierre Dénys de Montfort (1801) (based on descriptions by French sailors). Mythology Norse Grouping Legendary creature Sub-grouping Sea monster Country Greenland Habitat Greenland Sea Length 50 m

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