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Gold Rider Leyland Cypress - Cupressus leylandii 'Gold Rider'. Considered one of the best golden conifers. Its open, horizontal branching structure is covered with dense, bright gold-tipped needle-like sprays, contrasting with lime green interior foliage. A single plant makes a bright focal point in the garden, or plant en masse as an eye-catching hedge. Suitable for shearing to provide a more formal appearance. Best in well-drained soil. Upright grower to 35 ft. tall, 15 ft. wide.

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Betty Corning Clematis. MONROVIA NURSERY sells the highest quality plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. You get what you pay for.

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Tuscan Blue Rosemary - good for cooking, evergreen perennial, and grows large enough to use as a hedge!

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le camélia de couleur rose exprime la fierté d'un amour partagé. La fleur du camélia signifie toujours un désir, une flamme dans le cœur de celui qui l'offre, c'est la fleur qui exprime avec perfection: l'adoration, la perfection ou la beauté de la personne aimée.

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Lovely blue Podocarpus makes a great focal point in this Tuscan-inspired garden. Love the use of foliage color to create year-round, low-care interest. By Roger's Gardens Landscape.

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little ollie - dwarf olive tree - good in pots, drought tolerant, full sun, easy to shape

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Alaskan Fern - Feathery, dark green, narrow fronds are evergreen. They look tropical but are actually hardy.

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Sweet Bay - Laurus nobles. Slender conical form grows into small pyramidal tree. Valued for strongly fragrant foliage, used as flavorful seasoning. Can be sheared into a formal hedge or topiary form. Good in containers. Evergreen. Slow growing to 12 - 15 ft. tall and wide as a shrub; 20 - 35 ft. tall as a tree.

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