Monroe & lip piercings. Have had my lip pierced for years & wanting another one. Thinking of getting a monroe piercing

Not a huge fan of Monroe piercings. But I love the lip piercing :D

Lip Piercings Explained Infographic

I really want the Monroe piercing!

Mom, I want snake bites or spider bites! :)

I want spider/viper bites or the shark bites or the snake bite cx

Monroe piercing <3 the lip ring too...should I do both or go with a Monroe this time or go back to my lip piercing???? HELPPPP......

27 Monroe Piercing Examples with Jewelry and Information

16g (16 Gauge) Monroe Lip Piercing Bioflex INTERNAL « Holiday Adds

Small lip piercing for @ the office

I've seen a few people with this placement and I always think it's a necklace at first

Before I got my dermal chest piercings I wanted this one in my throat.

I would get any of these but some are  pretty cute ! 15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know

15 Different Lip Piercings You Need To Know

Lip Piercing Chart:: I want a snake bite or spider bite piercing done with a black bar. I don't like the silver ones.

Quick Take: Monroe Jewelry Sizing and Styles

Quick Take: Monroe Jewelry Sizing and Styles

Lip piercings seem like the coolest things in the world when you’re in your college years. But, if you're considering a lip piercing, you may want to think about a few things before you take the plunge.

Monroe...Lower lip piercing

monroe and lip piercing. Me except inverted.

Chelsea Houska. I only like small Monroe piercings like this!!

Chelsea houska from teen mom Monroe piercing :))