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The Ultimate Drinking Game

Drink-A-Palooza is a Monopoly-type board game with beer pong, quarters, flip cup, and king’s cup all in one. This liver destroying board game requires no fancy equipment and can be played with up to 12 people in teams of 2 – making it a college party must have.


DRINK-A-PALOOZA-The-Monopoly-of-Drinking-Games-Board-Games-Party-Games-Bachelorette-Party-Gifts-featuring-Kings-Drinking-Games-Beer-Pong-Flip-Cup-0-6.jpg (500×331)

DRINK-A-PALOOZA: The "Monopoly" of Drinking Games Board Games Party Games & Bachelorette Party Gifts featuring Kings Drinking Games Beer Pong & Flip Cup


How to Play the Monopoly Drinking Game

Monopoly Game | The Escape Place...Monopoly, originally called The Landlord’s Game, was invented in 1904 by Elizabeth Magie in Brentwood, Maryland. She devised the game to educate people on the social pitfalls of unequal wealth among people....


Drinking Game – Drunken Monopoly

Drunken Monopoly! - The post is funny and this is a good way to perk up and insanely long game.