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How to use Google Forms in the Art Room If you are looking for ways to make your art room digitized and organized in the Cloud with ‘Google Drive’, Google Forms is a great part of the Google Drive family. The program is a lot like “Survey Monkey,” allowing you to ask specific questions and get answers aggregated into one common place.


End of Year Parent Survey

End of year parents survey to get feedback on homework, classroom environment, parent communication, and more!


With Survey Monkey contribute, you can sign up to take surveys to benefit the Foundation. Each survey earns 50 cents to help homeless pets!


The Roloway monkey is among the most threatened primates on the African continent, although exact figures for the species are not available. Recent surveys could not find evidence of it in Ghana's Bia National Park, where it was probably eliminated between mid 1970s and 1990. There are estimates are that there probably has been a population decline of at least 80% over the last three generations. The species is listed as one of "The World's 25 Most Endangered Primates."


4 Tech and Finance Companies Rock Out at the Office


back to school: This is set up for 4th grade but can be used for beginning of the year discussions of expectations.