Ready for my close-up: The adorable baby grey langur monkey showed he was not camera shy when pictured near his Indian home. HES SMILING !

Is this the world's cutest baby monkey? Tiny grey langur shows his beautiful blue eyes during stunning close-up

Monkey smile

Terrible two's! Image detail for -These stories are worth a click: How do you make an ape LOL? New research suggests that non-human primates prefer slapstick humor, such as watching someone slip on a .


Spider Monkey Smile ✿⊱╮This will either creep Kate out, or make her smile!

This Black Crested Black Macaque Monkey stole David Slater's Camera and took pictures of himself.

Who knew primates had photography skills? A monkey stole a wildlife photographer’s camera, and then started taking pictures of himself, even smiling in the photos. The crested black macaque monkey (black ape) swiped the camera and took self-portraits

. One of the selfies taken in 2011 by Naruto, a monkey that picked up photographer David Slater’s camera.   Now This is a selfie!!!

✯ A Crested Black Macaque smiles for his self-portrait while using the camera belonging to Photographer David Slater in an Indonesian National Park .

I am absolutely certain this portrait reminds me of someone!!!  Like Joe Biden?  At the vice presidential debate, 2012?  It's the mouth...or maybe the teeth, or perhaps the five o'clock shadow.....

Say cheese! Smiley, happy animals greet the New Year with a grin

Smiling Barbary macaque monkey - photo by Holger Leue/Lonely Planet/Caters News

This 2008 photo provided by Stacy Gunderson shows Crystal, a 1-foot-7-inch female Capuchin monkey pa... - The Associated Press

This 2008 photo provided by Stacy Gunderson shows Crystal, a female Capuchin monkey smiling while painting