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"Look! A pygmy mouse Lemur!" I was informed by my 4 year old. And she's probably right.

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Macaco-da-noite (Aotus nigriceps) - Peru | ©Cláudio Dias Timm The Black-headed night monkeys, Aotus nigriceps, are small primates approximately the same size as a small squirrel. They are native to neotropical South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru). Animalia - Chordata - Mammalia - Primates - Aotidae - Aotus - A. nigriceps More information.

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Golden monkeys ... indigenous to Central Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Congo) ... these golden monkeys are at the Everland zoo in Seoul, South Korea

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my mamma has been obsessed with them her whole life and at one point had a billion stuffed monkeys she ever bought or received as gifts!

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Shell Beach Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, Western Australia....there are lots of beaches named "Shell Beach", but this one is actually made of nothing but shells!

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