King Cobra and Mongoooose. I normally don't do predation shots, but this one is straight out of Riki Tiki Tavi.

King Cobra and Mongoooose battle. A member of the Weasel family and the only natural predator of the Cobra capable of killing it quickly without being bitten.

The white mongoose @미미 ♡ creatures that live on Earth..don't you ever wonder why we never get to know our intelligence on Earth..nor the people..they ignore each other,..ODD @Pinterest HAS THINGS NOT TO IGNORE..U ALSO!@

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Labeled in various places as a white mongoose. I think it is an ermine, or white weasel.

San Diego Zoo - Lady Fossa-a fossa, related to the mongoose.  Cat-like mammal with retractable claws that purrs when happy.

sdzoo: “ Lady Fossa by Mike Wilson Did you know? The modern mongoose and the fossa evolved from the same ancestor, which arrived on Madagascar about 21 million years ago. Learn more.

Honey Badger just don't give a shit. <--- I'm pretty sure this is a mongoose.

Rikki Tikki Tavi [Mongoose (Maybe this is Riki-Tiki-Tavi dispatching Nag or Nagina in the great story by Rudyard Kipling)]

Genets - They are related to civets, linsangs, fossa, and mongoose.

(FACTOID: Genets - They are related to Civets, Linsangs, Fossa, and Mongooses.The common Genet is the only viverrid present in Europe.They are able to move through any opening that their head can fit through) * * NEVER HEARD OF THESE.