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The white mongoose @미미 ♡ creatures that live on Earth..don't you ever wonder why we never get to know our intelligence on Earth..nor the people..they ignore each other,..ODD @Pinterest HAS THINGS NOT TO IGNORE..U ALSO!@

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Genets - They are related to civets, linsangs, fossa, and mongooses. The common genet is the only viverrid present in Europe. They are able to move through any opening that their head can fit through.

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A group of banded mongooses is called a troop, which is made up of 5 to 30 mongooses. They live in dens which are usually burrows that other animals have abandoned, and they mark their territory using a scent that they secrete. Banded mongooses typically stay on the ground but they are good climbers and can swim to avoid danger.

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The Weasel is the fastest, fiercest, thinnest carnivore, able to chase a rodent through any crevice or down any burrow. by Cindy Goeddel

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