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Definitely happening at our wedding. It's a little Mexican tradition, also different countries do it too! :)

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Honeymoon fund? Don't want to do the money dance? Opt for this instead have your guests bet on who should get the cake smashed in their face. It's a great way to get the guests involved! It was a hit at our wedding almost everyone participated! And of course I was the one with the most money hence cake in my face lol but no worries I still got my hubby back! Lol

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Alternatives to Wedding Dollar Dances

linds k The Dollar Dance at the Reception, pin the money on the gown and also can be done for the Groom too. Have fun and raise some cash for the honeymoon!

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Dollar dance....People pay to dance with the bride and groom and they get spending money for the honeymoon :)

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15 Classy Ways to Ask for Money for Your Honeymoon Fund

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Money Dance Songs - 75 Dollar Dance Songs List

Money dance songs are played at weddings when guests pay to dance with the bride and groom. The money is used to start their new life.

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Fancy Frugal Life: Vintage Suitcase "Honeymoon Fund" Wedding Decor Use for cards brought to reception?

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