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Top 10 Bizarre or Ridiculous Fatwas: With no centralized Islamic religious authority like a Pope or Dalai Lama, pretty much any Muslim “scholar” can create a fatwa, a religious edict for modern life supposedly guided by the Koran or the (less authoritative) hadiths- stories from Muhammad’s life. In recent years, supply has far outstripped demand, and it’s getting laughable.

Here is another concept by designer Young Sang Eun that lays emphasis on hygiene. What is special about this design is that on one side it features a urinal and the other a sit-down commode. With the flip of a switch the design is capable of swiveling around.

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I dont understand why this isnt a common solution to the toilet seat issue. Plus, they think theyre manly and special when they have their own bathroom. Throw the bone.

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Doors galore - 8 places to find midcentury modern entry doors + DIY tips

We've pulled all our research together into one story -- sharing four places where you can find a retro style front entry door -- plus, we have some super affordable DIY options to consider, too.

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35 Viral News Stories From 2014 That Were Actually Totally Untrue

OHHHH!!! :). Should also have a queen and king crown next to the thrown just in case...

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