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Sundial in Maastricht, NL. Click image for details and visit the boards >>


Sun Watch - - - - Wearable sundial pendant watch is a modern twist on an ancient time piece . Uses the changing angle between sun and horizon to estimate the time . ​Note: Calibrated to work best at a latitude close to 40 degrees north . (Made by Shepherd's Watch)


In the #designer’s own words, there’s simply “not much to say about Circulo!” #Beautifully simple, the modern design presents a different way of telling time. The primary circle revolves around the greater space to indicate the hour while also revolving around itself to give the minutes with a small orange #dial. Hence its name! Next to the sundial, it’s time represented in its most reduced and familiar visual form! #Yankodesign #Watch #Watch


Sundial Concept Wall Clock - Designed by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim and Sewon. - The usual task of a wall clock is to indicate time and at the least, look pretty. What if we were to add laser beams, touchpad UI, WiFi, bluetooth and computer syncing? Now wouldn’t that be a rocking concept! The proposed Sundial is all of the aforementioned; a cool device on the wall that will beam you the weather, your appointments for the day, stock markets and whatever else you please!

from Atlas Obscura

The Calendar Sundial

The Calendar Sundial Modern sundial uses ancient methods to tell time and date perfectly


19th Century French Orrery

19th Century French Orrery | From a unique collection of antique and modern sundials at

The Spectra sundial is a very unique personalized anniversary gift that does something special on the anniversary day every year. This bespoke handmade sun clock makes a great modern first anniversary gift!


18th Century Armillary Sundial

An 18th century armillary sundial | From a unique collection of antique and modern sundials at