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Modern Pruning Tools

Tabor Tools S-821 Ergonomic Pruning Shears, Especially Designed for Small-to-Medium Size Hands. Ideal for Cutting Flowers, Plants and Small Bushes. YEP. PRUNING IS FUN! Attractive modern design, improved with an open/close clip and comfortable non-slip grip handles. Pruning is fun with these beautiful, ergonomic and durable garden scissors. USE, USE & USE! Features carbon stainless steel chrome plated blades and aluminum handles. Ideal for SMALL-MEDIUM SIZED HANDS: makes razor sharp clean...

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Dealglad Candles Shear Snuffers Wick Lamp Pruning Tools Shears Simple Candle Scissors Tool

White Roses for a Crisp, Classic Garden Look

Landscaping with white roses will create a front yard or backyard that’s full of beauty. You’ll want to spend more time outside enjoying nature when you have a stunning landscape. Let these dazzling photos serve as your garden inspiration.


Should you prune your tomato plants?

The thinking behind pruning suckers is that they compete with the plant for vital nutrients, water, space and light. Allowing suckers to mature into a branch can result in a plant that produces a smaller overall crop.


1930s Depression Era Industrial Decor- Farm Tools- Rusty Old Farmer's Saw, Hand Held Tree Pruning Tool, Vintage CabinDecor


Edible coals in Modernist Cuisine: With modern culinary tools like vacuum chambers and ingredients like gum arabic and trehalose, innovative chefs can create delicious dishes that fool the eye. These airy "coals" are entirely edible and actually quite tasty. They are made from prunes, Armagnac, sugars and baking soda. The baking soda produces bubbles of carbon dioxide, which swell when the food is placed in a vacuum chamber.


Skip the store-bought bread and use this bread recipe for sandwiches, toast and anywhere else you'd employ a sliced loaf.


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