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The most beautiful equation is… The Dirac equation

Plain Dirac for body text (Credit: Stellario Cama). The Dirac equation predicted the existence of antimatter

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Seven Brief Lessons on Physics ~ Carlo Rovelli. Absolutely gorgeous book with perfectly clear lessons on modern physics. Lessons range from Einstein's "beautiful theory" to quanta, black holes and particles. It is a work of art in every respect. ✨

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@: Fritjof Capra ~ The Tao of Physics ~ an exploration of the Parallels between Modern Physics & Eastern Philosophy d6e0bc91689e4c89d58d0a54d8416ff5.jpg (226×688)

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"The longing to behold harmony is the source of the inexhaustible patience and perseverance with which Planck has devoted himself to the most general problems of our science. The state of mind which enables a man to do work of this kind is akin to that of the religious worshipper or the lover; the daily effort comes from no deliberate intention or program, but straight from the heart." ~ Albert Einstein

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Subatomic Particles Over Time: Graphics from the Archive, 1952-2015 Scientific American In the May issue of Scientific American, a familiar friend makes an appearance: a chart of fundamental particles. These particles—fermions (which include constituents of matter such as electrons and quarks) and bosons (usually carriers of force)—are at the very heart of the Standard Model of particle physics. #Science

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The 10 Most Influential Scientists of the 20th Century

Max Planck (1858-1947) didn't mean to, but he completely revolutionized physics. His work was so important that his research is considered the pivotal point where "classical physics" ended and modern physics began. It all started with what seemed an innocuous discovery -- energy, which appears to be emitted in wavelengths, is actually discharged in small packets (quanta). This new theory of energy, called quantum theory, played a role in many of the most important scientific discoveries.

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Slutmuffin - Funny Dirty Mature Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern - Instant Download

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The Alcubierre warp drive... bending space and time and the limits of theoretical physics

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As a modern believer and a scientist, when I look up at the sky on a clear starry night, I am reminded that “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). I am in awe of the complexity of the physical world, and how all of its pieces fit together so perfectly and synergistically.

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