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Modern gardening gloves

Tough Guy Work Gloves

Keep Hardworking Hands Happy These insulated gloves handle just about any task – gardening, chopping wood, shoveling snow, even skiing. They'll help protect your hands as you work. Plus, the palm of each glove is crafted of leather that is waterproof! Its insulated lining gives you a warmer, thicker and hardier glove Back of hand is made of canvas with leather fingertips China


Floral Twill Garden Gloves

With extended cuffs that protect against scratches, insects and sun exposure, these cotton twill gloves are a practical choice for the gardener. Synthetic leather palms feature a double-reinforced thumb and index finger, while a built-in drawstring at the cuff keeps soil out of the glove.- Cotton, spandex, synthetic leather- Machine washable- ImportedSmall: 6.5-7” hand circumference, 2.5-3” finger lengthMedium: 6.75-7.25” hand circumference, 3-3.125” finger lengthLarge: 7.5-8” hand…


Gardening Gloves with Claws: Honey Badger Gloves -- Tired of carrying around garden gloves *and* digging tools to do your gardening work? Y’all, you need to try these new clawed gloves – puts the digging tool right INTO the glove! And the best part? You feel a little bit like Wolverine when you’re out there doing your work. Hard...


Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden - Tips & Ideas! Horsetail reed (grown the right way) is a great way to add structure to your garden! - modern garden, horsetail reed |


Common Upholstery Techniques

Upholstering Instructions at Better Homes and Gardens. In a nutshell: Strip the chair of its original fabric and use the pieces as pattern. Then pin the pieces wrong sides out onto the chair. Remove pinned cover and sew it together, with welting reinforcing the seams. Put sewn cover back on the chair. It should fit like a glove!


Pretty Up Your Backyard Designs with Topiary Art Adding Gorgeous Garden Decorations

Topiaries, as well as birdhouses, wind chines and garden gnomes are great garden decorations for modern backyard designs, allowing to personalize outdoor living spaces by adding attractive details to


I love the horsetail plant for it's clean lines. I want to have this in planter boxes to line the backyard or to put in the front of the house.