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Design Tips for Modern Closet Doors

Here are some quick styling and design tips for modern closets and their doors: No Handles: If you can, try and get closet doors that don’t have any handles. The best options are the doors that pop open when you push them. An alternative is to have a groove carved into the doors. Having no […]

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Modern Closet Photos

Didn't realise I had an opinion on closet doors until I started researching them... This is the one I like the most so far

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sleek wardrobe. Contemporary Wardrobe Design. Vintage, modern, luxury or eclectic closet. Wich are you favourites? See some decor tips for your own interior projects, walk in closets and wardrobes here:

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Остоженка | Архитектурное бюро Екатерины Федорченко

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DIY sliding closet doors. These are very very similar to what I was planning for our bedroom remodel this winter. However I'm going to use stained glass panels rather than frosted glass. And I will be routering a rabbit into the back to attach the glass, rather than using glue and mirror clips.

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Bi-fold to Faux Shiplap French Closet Doors

See how this girl transformed her bi-fold closet doors into modern french closet doors! Amazing DIY!

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