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Classical Tanto - notice the more rounded, less aggressive shape. Probably, the reason why the modern knifemakers called their fighting knives “tantos” was to invoke the exotic mystique of feudal Japan. You might be old enough to remember that was a huge craze for ninjas and samurais in the 80s. In sum, the typical Japanese tanto is simply a general-purpose knife, whereas the “American tanto” is specifically designed for piercing through armor, heavy clothing or bone.


The Wonderful World of Witches: Portraits of Modern English Pagans

1964 Terence Spencer—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE. "Ray Bone, high priestess of the London witch coven, raises sword and asks 'Mighty Ones of the East' to protect the ritual circle in which they gather near Chipping Norton. Witches behind her hold up knives."


The short belly on this knife ensures deeper cuts when slashing, generally reaching ligament and bone with ease.


6 Next-Level Conveniences for a Modern Kitchen

Magnetic strip - Free up counter space by getting rid of your knife block. The beauty of the magnet is that you can also attach other utensils to it, like pizza cutters, or blender blades, keeping them out of the way of little hands, too.


This Buffalo Rib Bone Obsidian is handmade by master artist Dale Duby using the methods of old; grinding, abrading, percussion and pressure flaking. Each knife is one of a kind and the blades are attached using sinew. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. Size is approximately 7-1⁄2" overall. Includes hand carved stand. Please note: This is not an authentic Indian made product. read more..... View more Dale Duby products Each of these knives is handcrafted of n...